Meet Our Frenchie Family

The Dames


Meet Pippa, she is a 26 lb. She has a beautiful Pied coloring with perfect conformation. She is a friendly, playful and a clown. She has no problem getting along and making friends. Her favorite things are cuddling up, running and playing. She is athletic and can keep up on a bicycle. She is full of energy and loves kids!

Look for her beautiful puppies Summer 2019


Meet Cookie, she is a loyal fun loving girl. She is athletic & loves her runs.  

Little Lola

Lola is a sweet and caring. She loves walks, bike rides and the river in the summer. She is a very gentle dog with a mellow personality and is an excellent mother. 


Meet Smiley! We love our little Smiley, she is the happiest of dogs. Thats why we named her Smiley she is always Smiling. She is 25lbs and is shorter with a very bully body. Her and Dozer have a upcoming litter.  

Meet Our Studs


Tank is a true clown with an exceptional personality. He has an athletic build and weighs about 32 lbs. He is a red and white pied coloring. Tank has longer legs, a large head, and a nice nose. Tank is an extremely fit French Bulldog, at 6 1/2 years old, he is very spry and has the energy of a puppy. You will be proud of his offspring at the dog park and if they inherited Tank's athleticism, your pooch will be out-running all the other dogs.  


Dozer is our handsome stud he takes his responsibility's very seriously. Dozer is brindle, but vary seldom will make a brindle puppy he carries genes for fawns, black, blues, creams and pies. He Weighs 30lbs with a large head and perfect confirmation and CKC registered. 


Milo is CKC Registered, and is 3 1/2 years old. He is pied with fawn, black and some silver colouring. Milo also has a very athletic build, but has shorter legs, weighs 28 lbs and is smaller than Tank. Milo, is a true cuddler and a lady's man. His Girlfriends include Lucy Loo & Piper. He loves going for long bike rides and playing ball. 

Vancouver Island French Bulldogs

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